Famous people

Famous people do not always start out being famous. You can be famous and at the same time not yet be famous.

Jimmy Carter

Although Jimmy Carter hasn’t been famous for a while, it didn’t seem like it back then. He was president for three years! During that time he took a lot of hits on his name because he wasn’t a Democrat. When he came out against the VN War, he has called a communist by the South Vietnamese government and he faced an even bigger scandal when the Soviet Union turned him over to the US for political reasons. The two sides actually hated each other and the two leaders became enemies.

Book Writer

Jimmy Carter is still famous because of his book, A President You Can Trust, written by himself. The book has sold millions of copies around the world and influenced a lot of people, honestly, and speak the truth, even if it makes them unpopular in the process.

The American people may not like his character but this very popular TV character has been around for decades and is still popular today. As long as he is on television, there will be people watching him.

He has been the most famous movie-star in America for years. In addition to being a great actor, he also wrote some of the best plays. Although the play was successful and Oscar-nominated, it did not win.

This is definitely one of the popular African American men today. It is his autobiography about his life and how he became famous in the African American community.

African American community

Since he was only one-year-old, his life has been a story of hardship for the African American community. He has done many things to help African Americans, but his most notable works are Dream of the Ziegfeld Theater and the one about his parents.

His personality is that of a rebel that will not take no for an answer. He never did get a college degree because he was rejected for admission to several prestigious schools. However, he went ahead with his career and was the main subject of his biopic, Alexander.

Both his achievements and personality make him a very important player in the field of history and politics. History says that he is the founder of the democratic party in the United States, which help the country to move forward.

No one can doubt his status as the greatest hero of his country and his military service should be considered important as well. It is also said that he is the second president to have gone into exile, just after Abraham Lincoln. He has become a national hero.